Financing Tailored to Your Medical Practice

Do you look after the health of others in your community? Then Greenfield Capital Partners has the healthcare financing your practice needs. Financial stability lets you handle your patients and clients with less stress and uncertainty.

Debt Consolidation

If you are juggling multiple monthly payments with varying interest rates, debt consolidation through Greenfield Capital Partners can help. Our financial experts could get you approved in as little as 24 hours for a debt consolidation plan that pays off your debt in one week.

Medical Equipment Leasing

Practicing medicine requires expensive equipment but you can lease these items with healthcare financing from Greenfield Capital Partners. This keeps you from spending money on items you may use rarely or which are cost prohibitive to own.

Working Capital

In any businesses, medical practices included, working capital is the lifeblood of progress. This kind of loan can be used however you need. The terms can be up to 72 months with no upfront payments necessary.

Practice Acquisitions

Growing your practice can mean buying out a partner or acquiring a nearby practice and adding their patients to yours. Qualified medical professionals can earn 100% financing for this endeavor.

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