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How to Use Our Financing

You can use our commercial financing options for virtually anything. If you have yet to open your doors, our commercial real estate loans provide the capital you need to find the perfect business property. Do you still need the equipment to make your dreams a reality? Simply ask our professionals about our heavy equipment financing options. Whether you run a restaurant or operate a hotel, our goal is to help you reach your business goals.

Business owners who operate warehouses, reselling companies or distribution companies have a unique set of obstacles to overcome. Large orders often require larger amounts of money but not every company has the capital to handle these orders if they come unexpectedly. The solution may be purchase order financing provided by Greenfield Capital Partners.
Commercial real estate usually falls into one of two categories: owner-operated buildings or investment properties. If you plan to run your own business out of your property, you’ll have an owner-operated building. If you want to purchase a property and charge another business owner to rent it, you’ll have an investment property. No matter which category your real estate falls into, our financial advisors have the expertise to find a loan to meet your needs.
For some hopeful business owners, the traditional route is the best route. If you are considering using the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Loan Program, allow to assist you. We are a Preferred Financial Services company dedicated to helping you determine if an SBA loan can meet your needs.

We Go Beyond the Basics

Our financial advisors go above and beyond to ensure you have what you need. In addition to traditional financing options, we provide several other services. Merchant cash advances, project financing, structured settlements and unsecured business lines of credit are just a few examples.

Are you ready to see how Greenfield Capital Partners can help your company thrive? Contact us today for more information.

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